About us

FOF - Farming Organic Food Srl is a company founded by professionals who have been operating in the world of Organic Food for more than 30 years and who decided to combine their resources and skills.

FOF works EXCLUSIVELY in the Organic sector. The main supply chains we are able to follow are:

  • Durum wheat / flours and semolina / pasta
  • Tomatoes / tomato products
  • Vegetables / vegetable products
  • Rice / rice products
  • Olives / oil
  • Fresh and dried fruits / derived products

We have strong and long-lasting relationships with agricultural producers (single farmers, cooperatives or producer consortia), that can benefit of our assistance in the relationship with certifiers, in the cultivation or technical features and also in marketing and sales. Thanks to its deep knowledge of the organic world, FOF is a link between producers and manufacturers of a product, thus granting a supply chain of the highest certified quality.

Our strengths lie in the ability to control every aspect of the projects, in our strong relationships and a guaranteed result.

FOF's aim is understanding and analyzing the customer's needs, to find the right product and the right producer, so that both parties can be satisfied on every level:

  • we can prepare specific farming contracts with farmers, always keeping a link with the manufacturers and the final market;
  • we have long-lasting relationships with manufacturers themselves, who can grant, thanks to the direct connections with the farmers, a secure supply chain for the finished product.

The deep knowledge of costs, both agricultural production linked to current commodity prices, makes us able to offer products from a guaranteed and controlled Supply Chain, at highly competitive prices.

Thanks to the prestige gained in years of cooperation with our farmers, we are now able to start the farming of products to test, devoting whole production areas exclusively to them.

We can also produce Private Label products: we have dedicated certain production areas, identified with the customer's name and brand, to specific customers of ours. And they are free to invite their own customers to see what is really been done.

Our work is transparent and can be checked by anyone; we would like to invite you to visit our production sites and companies with which we work. Choose a supply chain you are interested in, and contact us for a meeting!

Our main operation areas are the South of Italy for the typically Mediterranean products and Lomellina, in the North of Italy, for rice.

We await your visit!

FOF your company